JVA About Us

JVA Monitored Fencing USA

JVA – USA, based in Texas, is the headquarters for the distribution, technical support and manufacture of local and export products from the US. JVA USA provides solutions for the MONITORED PERIMETER FENCING market and is the exclusive national distributor of electronic equipment, fencing hardware and management software for the US, Canada and Mexico.

JVA - USA is in partnership with JVA Technologies (Australia) and with Ndlovu Fencing, drawing on over 40 years’ experience in some of the world’s most challenging agricultural, livestock and security markets. We have developed a wide range of applications for perimeter security and monitoring, meeting the demands of customers ranging from cattle ranches and exotic breeders to high security public institutions. We help you keep people or predators “out”, valued livestock “in” and valuable inventory and infrastructure “secure”.

JVA products and expertise are trusted choices for local and international customers as they have met the strict specifications required to secure major contracts with large-scale farming operations, orchards, breeders, ranchers, prisons, airports, power stations, defense facilities and municipal utilities worldwide.

JVA technology is state-of-the-art JVA Energizer & Monitor (see our “26 Firsts”) while guaranteeing absolute dependability, simplicity of installation and ease of end-user functionality. JVA’s systems include passive and active monitoring with the ability to seamlessly integrate other technologies utilizing our open platform architecture and PERIMETER PATROL control room software and cloud based remote monitoring systems.